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2016 Michigan Elections

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Download the 2016 Michigan Elections app for your one-stop source for information on state and federal elections in Michigan this year. Powered by Gongwer News Service, Michigan’s most trusted independent news source on state government and politics, the app allows users to easily access information about candidates for the Legislature, Congress and statewide offices.There is no other source on the 2016 elections in Michigan that combines so much detail with the portability of an app.
With a host of competitive U.S. House and state Legislature races, there is no better primer than the 2016 Michigan Elections app.
The app will update regularly throughout the year.
Key features:
• Biographical information about candidates, including education, age, family, employment, community involvement and track record in running for elected office. Gongwer’s unmatched database provides that history for any candidates running this year who ran for state and/or federal office going back to 2002.• New for 2016: a search function enabling users to more easily find a specific candidate• New for 2016: a push-messaging alert system to let users know when Gongwer has uploaded new information to the app as well as provide some breaking news;• Contact tools enabling users to reach the candidates’ campaigns via email, phone and U.S. mail.• Links to maps for all 14 U.S. House districts and 110 Michigan House districts.• Links to candidates’ campaign finance information.• Links to candidates’ Facebook and Twitter pages.• Candidate photos.• A button that allows users to view only those races for the August primary and November general election that Gongwer considers legitimately competitive.• A chart sorting all U.S. House and Michigan House races by competitiveness, labeling them as safe Republican, lean Republican, toss-up, lean Democrat or safe Democrat as determined by Gongwer’s staff. New for 2016 is our overall analysis of the race for partisan control of the Michigan House.• A snapshot analysis of what to expect in each state and federal race in Michigan from Gongwer’s staff.• Lists of endorsements for candidates as groups issue those endorsements.• On the night of the primary and general election, live updating election results.
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